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SirZnoix Owner posted Jan 14, 16

As you may have noticed we got an very fun game on our server called bedwars. If its knew for you as its for many players then read a guide how to play it here:

Also if you have played it on our server feel free to leave in an comment how your experience was.


SirZnoix Owner posted Jan 7, 16

Hello, so the server has just opened! And ofc we have already started on the first update. The plans are ready and now its just some days work. BedWars looks to be an success and players liked it. So we will focusing a lot on that game and therefor decided to remove the "Minigames" to make place for Prison and Factions!! #HYPED and also working on small bug fixes for the next update.

Please tell us every bugs you know of so far in the comments or in the forums then we can fix it fast as possible! Also be sure to apply for staff as we need a staff team. /report ingame was no success so instead there will be added /ticket for support! That will be linked with the website ticket support system. You will also be able to report players who is breaking the rules from there.

Working with an huge BedWars update aswell! So stay tuned! (Webstats will also soon been working)

Welcome back!

SirZnoix Owner posted Dec 31, 15

Hello, I am very happy to announce that the server is now coming back again! For those players that played before know that we had an a bit turbulance times on Sky Realms. But it looks very promising now. We have been working extremely much for the last weeks now to get everything done and perfect for the official opening! The currently donation rank we have now is VIP (9.99 USD), PRO (29.99 USD), MVP (49.99 USD). If you had an rank from the old server then don´t worry! You will have it recovered!

How to recover your old rank?

You go to the Support tab and then create a ticket about it. Choose the "Rank recover" option from the rolldown menu. In the field below you tell us what rank you had and the Transaction ID you got when you ordered the rank. You can find the Transaction ID in the mail you got when you bought the rank or in your paypal history.

What about the extra perks we bought?

Do the same thing, open a ticket about it and provide the Transaction ID! You will then get an voucher on the store of the value you donated to spend on anything in the store!

Got any other questions? Ask on the forum, open a ticket or ask in the Livechat support if its online.

I can´t wait to see you guys back on the server when its opened!

Estimated opening date: 02.01.2016

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