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SirZnoix Owner posted Jul 14, 16

Hello, now we are finally back again. Last time the server shutted down wasnt a closeure for the server it was more like a break till better times. And now we have felt like to open up the server again. They are already bought and we are just setting them up again now. We will continue where we stopped. And you can look forward to many new awesome features aswell! Also no data or ranks is loss.

More info will come so stay tuned...

Thanks for staying with us and playing Sky Realms, we are working extremely hard to make you satisfied with our server!

1.8/1.9 Update

SirZnoix Owner posted Apr 23, 16

The server is now 1.8/1.9! You can join the server thru all client types from any 1.8.x to any 1.9.x. But it will be with 1.8 features. So none of the new 1.9 features are available, but if it highly wanted by the players then I will move on and only have 1.9.

Other than this we are now working on adding our new gametypes which we have promised. So you will soon find: Adventure Parkour, Spleef and Prison on the server! We are also working on an small makeover of our design.

Tell us what you think about this in an comment, and also feel free to post any suggestion!

XtraKills MOD Banterous

1.9 Support

SirZnoix Owner posted Mar 2, 16

Hello, as you may have seen the minecraft 1.9 has just arrived and it looks awesome. But it will also be some extra work to update the server and the plugins to support it. So I am now currently working hard to update everything to 1.9. I also think there will still be an support for 1.8. Please provide it in an comment if you think you we should have 1.8/1.9 or only 1.9.

The server should be done updating and back up running within one day. We have also done an huge makeover to the spawn where we have made it more open, and a new portal system which will make it easier to join and play our different cool gametypes!

jayzee_is_crazy VIP 1.8/1.9
gymboy21 Co-OwnerVIPElitePro Awesome!

Sky Realms v2

SirZnoix Owner posted Feb 13, 16

So the time is finally here to announce the massive v2 update!

The server has been up for 6 weeks now and after the day it opened I have been very active to update it for this huge update. I havent been realising small updates every now and then, instead I have been working on releasing this huge update, and from now I will work and document the small updates and bug fixes I do. I notice there is a lot of new registered players which is just great, we start to grow a nice community and that is very nice to see. There was also planned to add prison and skyblock nether for this update, but unfortunealy it got delayed, and was being worked very slowly on which we will speed up a lot now. So there will soon come an own update with these gamemodes added.

Changelog: (+ added, - removed, * updated/fixed)

+ Added friends system. /friends

+ Added pvp leaderboard at spawn.

+ Added crates, donor and voting crates.

+ Added new map to bedwars (SkyCastle /bw-4)

+ Added the slots on each bedwars servers to make sense with max players in each game.

+ Added factions with mcmmo.

+ Added money system for each gametype/per world.

+ Added per world voting system, so you gotta be in the world you want your rewards in while voting.

+ Added enchantment shop to the pvp.

+ Added voteparty.

+ Added new packages to the donation store.

+ Added more features to the donation ranks.

+ Added money rewards to pvp, you will make $50 for killing and loose $5 when you get killed.

+ Added new pvp stats system.

+ Added more ratings to the forum.

+ Added pvp logger so if you log out in combat then you get insta killed.

+ Added bedwars server status to the tablist.

+ Added new ban system, you can also check the banlist on the bans tab.

+ Added cave system and more details in pvp so it makes the pvp experience much better!

* Updated chat layouts.

* Fixed some spelling errors.

* Cleaned up in permission system.

* Fixing missed permissions.

* Updated our buycraft to a new better one.

* Updated the shops.

* Fixed the buycraft error where it gave you the message "You can't destroy this sign" whenever you breaking blocks.

* Small updates and fixes in bedwars.

* Fixed the skyblock stats.

* A small revamp of the SkyCastle map.

* New cleaner broadcastes and scoreboards layout.

- Removed potions from creative.

There is a lot more including this update which did not get included in the document, but you may see the effect of it ingame then. Hope you like the update, and still if you face any errors, bugs etc. Please report it the staff and it will be fixed ASAP. Feel free to post your opinion on this update in a comment below.

gymboy21 Co-OwnerVIPElitePro WOOOHOOOO
XtraKills MOD Sweet!
Vayrak Nice!


SirZnoix Owner posted Jan 14, 16

As you may have noticed we got an very fun game on our server called bedwars. If its knew for you as its for many players then read a guide how to play it here:

Also if you have played it on our server feel free to leave in an comment how your experience was.

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