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LordSuso Owner posted Aug 7, 15

Stay tuned thats all im saying! Follow us on twitter and facebook, we will come back with further information later. Right now we are planning of what to make of the server and probably you will see a whole different server. But all ranks that was purchased on our previous version will be kept!

Server not working?

LordSuso Owner posted May 21, 15

Yes I am fully aware of that the server is down. That is because I have ended the billing period for the servers and stopped paying for them. But don't be afraid I have already started on a new huge project that might be our key to success! Stay tuned on the website for more information and updates!

Sad Times

LordSuso Owner posted May 16, 15

As you might have noticed, we got very lack of players on the server and that also makes the incoming money amount very low. So we starting paying more for the server than we actually make of it. And you don't need to have good buisness experience to know that this is an really big problem. We in the staff team are discussing and planning what to make to actually get good amount with players. But if we not are able to find an solution then im very sad to say that we might have to close down the server. That is something I really don't want to. I have put so much work into this server, I don't want people who has donated or supported the server to just have their money wasted and I really love the server myself. There was a reason I came back after last time I sold it. So we have to find an fast solution on this together to save not mine server, but OUR server.

Downtime & Apps

LordSuso Owner posted Apr 6, 15

Hello, as you might have noticed our servers is down! They have been down for almost two days because of a very huge ddos attack to all of them. We are in contact with our host providers, but at the time and the size of the ddos attack there are unfortunaly not much we can do. But we will still try our best to fix it so you all can get on the server as soon as possible. So that was a bit information about why the server is down.

And now a bit about the staff applications. We have not had any time to go thru the staff applications and start rejecting/accepting yet. So if you have posted an application for maybe a week ago, and think by now you must have been rejected then don't worry. If you get rejected or accepted then you will get noticed! And we are still looking for more applications!

Hope you got some answers here, if you wondering on something else then post it in the forums or in a comment below!

I_Creepz_97 x *Facepalm* When people who don't know what they're talking about try to explain what a ddos attack is...
E.Gibbs Terisbox all a ddos does is mess up the connection file unless it was a ddos attack by a really good hacker it will not ...
TerisBox JRMODMVP Ow yes i remember the lag because i was on the server because it shut down and the lagg was extraordinarily bad. 1.Does ...

Update #1

LordSuso Owner posted Apr 2, 15

Hello, so it was time for our first update for the server! We had the server down for some hours yesterday and was fixing reported bugs and added some new cool stuff. More will come towards the next week! But we will not have the server down for you guys then.

We are currently working on a new Survival Games plugin as we will focus more on Survival Games. The new SG will be awesome! And we also added /fly to the shop under the category "extra". The reason its that expensive (40 USD) is because its rare and we want it to be a bit rare. You get it in the skyblock server and the hub server. Because then it don't makes it unfair for anybody else + it makes it more fun for you if you have bought it! You may see the changes ingame, for-example we have added scoreboard to skyblock, kitpvp and factions. In skyblock it shows your island level, if it just shows 0 for you in the start then do /is info and it will get updated! It also shows your money so you don't have to do /money all the time. In factions it shows money and online players. In the future we will add so it shows your faction power, faction members etc. And in kitpvp it shows money, online, kills and deaths. We added the scoreboards to make it easier for you guys to see the stats. The scoreboard is showing in a small window on the side of your screen. Please leave feedback in the comment what you think about it. 

We also want more players so if you want then you can advertise our server around. Youtube, server sites, forums and other places where you can advertise. But DON'T do it on others servers! If we find out you have done that, then we will ban you instantly.

You can click HERE to view our banner if you are going to advertise!

If you know any bugs or want us to add anything to the server then post it in a comment below or in the forums. We would also appreciate feedback on this update!

TerisBox JRMODMVP Love the scoreboard at the side!
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